Captain Cyprien Roe

Personality traits:Brave +3, Strong Willed +3, Protective +2, Just +2, Optimistic +4, Infamous: Infidel +4
Confidence: 2

Int +0 Per +1
Pre +2 Com +1
Str +0 Sta +1
Dex +2 Qui +2
Strong Faerie Blood (Sidhe) Charm (to use second sight Cyprien must invoke his mothers name Emeraldshimmer)
Second Sight Vision
Mercenary Captain Infamous
Wealthy Optimistic (Major)
Improved Characteristics Faerie Upbringing
Puissant Ability (Bows) True Love (NPC)
Abilitiy Speciality Score Total XP Earned XP
(Normandy) Lore* Geography 3 30
(Isle of France) Lore* Politics 2 15
(Spain) Lore* History 1 05
Animal Handling horses 2 15
Athletics Grace 3 30
Awareness Vision 4 50
Bargain Favors 2 15
Brawl Dodge 5 75
Carouse Drinking 1 05
Charm Earning Trust 2 15
Chirurgy* Binding Wounds 2 15
Craft (Fletcher) Arrows 3 30
Etiquette Magi 2 15
Folk Ken Detecting Lies 3 30
Guile Mis-direction 1 05
Hunt Tracking 3 30
Intrigue Alliances 1 5
Leadership Inspire 5 75
French Hand Signals 5 75
Mercurius Legion Lore* Procedures 1 5
Ride Horses 2 15
Stealth Hide 3 30
Survival Navigation 3 30
Swim Underwater Maneuvering 1 05
Teaching Archery 1 05
Civil & Canon Law Paris 1 05
Common Law Local Laws 1 05
Latin Reading 3 44
Artes Liberales Rhetoric 2 15
Code of Hermes Political Intrigue 1 05
Faerie Lore Faerie Forests 2 15
Bow Short Bow 6+2 116
Single Weapon Long Sword 3 30
Second Sight Illusions 3 30

Captain Cyprien Roe
Cyprien was brought into this world after his young Sidhe mother Tansy Emeraldshimmer fell in love with a gentle farmer with a great gift for growing things. Bowan Roehand was a humble farmer who was ostracized by his village because of his overly-sensitive nature and his obsession with growing things. Bowan came to the notice of Tansy during her explorative travels, while he was tending the impressive garden at his small homestead. It didn’t take long for the two to become a pair, although the nearby village continued to harass the unique couple and their son. As the years went by and the village grew more malicious Tansy begged her husband to take Cyprien and leave with her, but Bowan would not leave his garden. When an adolescent Cyprien inquired as to why they could not leave Tansy explained “your father will not leave his garden and allow it to wither in neglect and we cannot leave and allow the same fate to befall him can we?” With that simple answer Cyprien understood and did not speak of the matter again, yet the power of Tansy’s words and her magical nature unknowingly bound Cyprien to a similar oath from that moment on.
On the year of Cyprien’s 16 name-day the village suffered a terrible drought that destroyed many of their crops. When word got back to the village that “Greenhand,” the derogatory name assigned Bowan by the villagers, was not suffering the safe effects, the village was convinced that the family was the cause of their curse. A large violent rabble came marching toward the Roehand estate but still Bowan would not leave. Tansy begged her husband to leave his garden and create another in a safer location but Bowan would not budge. Understanding Tansy’s nature and wanting to keep his family safe he made a bargain with her that he insisted she must accept, “I give you my undying love and my son and I ask in return that you whatever you would have given to me you instead give to my son. If you remain with me now and allow our son to perish then you can never fulfill your end of the bargain…so go my wife for my love with not die with this body.” Tansy was beside herself with emotion but she understood her husband’s intent at that moment and she reluctantly fled, lingering only long enough to see her love struck down in his own garden, his lifeblood flowing out and soaking into the soil of his precious garden.
Tansy the young idealistic Sidhe could not bear residing in a realm filled with such ignorance and cruelty, thus she was made it a goal to return to the realm of her own kind. Still, she knew that Cyprien was not full-blooded fae and he would likely suffer some of the same prejudices that she experienced here. Haunted by the choices that lay before her she remained in the realm for two more years until Cyprien was older and ready to venture out on his own. When mother and son finally parted ways Tansy admonished Cyprien to never forget his father and to remember him with every spoken word. She explained that she would return to her native realm but that Cyprien would experience the blessings of her undying love for his father throughout his life, for she was Tansy Emeraldshimmer “She Who Brings Riches and Wealth.” Cyprien did not want his mother to go but he understood the pain in her heart and her need to heal. Although he felt a similar pain, Cyprien was anxious to see the world and earn his own way.
It wasn’t long and Cyprien joined a group of idealistic outlaws who raided greedy merchants to help provide for starving and needy children. During this time Cyprien discovered that he had an amazing talent with bows. Some within his troupe swore that Cyprien was blessed by the spirit of the forest for the young man could whittle a arrow shaft with the best of them and his skill with bow and arrow was incredible.
During one particular ambush on a merchant caravan that was transporting slaves Cyprien was disgusted by the thought of selling people like mere chattel. One of the freed slaves was a young Moorish woman by the name of Galiana al-Dani. The girls family had been killed for their beliefs and she was taken as a slave to be sold at some distant marketplace. When some of the men within the troupe conspired to ravage the girl Cyprien warned them to forsake such ignoble thoughts. But Cyprien was forced to kill two of the men before the others saw the folly of their ways. Disgusted by the troupes sudden lack in moral judgment, Cyprien departed with the girl in hopes of finding her a safe place to begin a new life.
Cyprien and his charge experienced several adventures on their travels, most of them associated with prejudice and basic survival. While Cyprien was a just and brave young man with a seemingly eternal optimism, Galiana was well-spoken, intelligent, and passionate. Still, the two appeared blessed with good luck and on more than one occasion they managed to get out of tight and uncomfortable situations.
Unknown to Cyprien this whole time, Galiana al-Dani had a rich uncle (Shakir al-Dani) who was a powerful magi. When Shakir finally tracked down his missing niece after following the duo’s wild adventures, he was impressed beyond words at Cyprien’s sense of honor and personal sacrifice. Not only had Cyprien defended the girl who was clearly an outsider in the region for nearly two years, he had treated her with respect and remained at her side with no hope for reward. When Shakir finally brought the couple to his home, he promised to watch over Galiana as a daughter and offered to use his connections to help get Cyprien a prominent job somewhere. Cyprien agreed and remained at Shakir’s home while he conducted his search. In the meantime, Cyprien and Galiana continued to spend time together and reflect on their adventures and good fortune. When Shakir finally offered Cyprien a position within a mercenary unit that protected the Monte Mercurius Covenant in Paris, reality struck the young couple that they might soon be apart and it wasn’t difficult for Shakir to realize that the two were deeply in love with one another. During the next few weeks Shakir gave his blessing to Cyprien to pursue Galiana’s hand while the passionate young girl made it crystal clear that she had eyes for only Cyprien. The two were wed within the next couple weeks and Shakir insisted that Cyprien accept a dowry that made the young couple quite wealthy. When Cyprien finally travelled to Paris to assume his new position he took his young bride with him and a small entourage of servants and guards. It did not take the couple long to settle into their new home even though the lovers still experienced prejudice at every turn.
For the next several years Cyprien’s talents as a leader and archer grew and his standing within the organization grew as well. After nearly 12 years within the organization Cyprien was given command of The Mercurius Legion and he has served with distinction in that role for the last 5 years. The couple’s love has not diminished since their marriage and Cyprien’s position has subdued some of the prejudice that they experienced so readily in the past. Still, the “odd” couple have few close friends although they have grown somewhat close to Noelle Verditius a maga and several others associated with the Covenant. The couple also have fraternal twins (Jani & Jasmina) that have just reached their 8th name-day along with a full household of servants and fighting men to keep their holdings safe.

Galiani (Cypriens wife)

Captain Cyprien Roe

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