Jason Papalexandrou

A gently Gifted Merceris of dubious lineage


Age: 40 Apparent Age: 39
Personality traits:Busybody +6, Carefree +3, Scholarly +3, Sociable +3, Self-Reliant +1
Wizard’s Sigil: Recipients of Jason’s spells have a tendency to take a deep breath and exhale fully. If the recipient or target of the spell isn’t appropriate this happens to Jason.
Voting Sigil: A Golden Stylus

Int +3 Per +1
Pre +1 Com +2
Str -3 (1) Sta +1
Dex 0 Qui +1
The Gift Magic Addiction
Hermetic Magus Envied Beauty
Puissant Creo* Busybody (Major)
Affinity with Corpus Illegitimate Lineage
Puissant Corpus Carefree
Gentle Gift Infamous Master
Mutantum Magic
Magister in Artibus
Good Teacher

Technique Score (xp) XP Earned Form Score (xp) XP Earned Form Score (xp) XP Earned
Cr 9 + 3 (45) 0 An 0 (0) 0 Ig 1 (1) 0
In 3 (6) 1 Aq 1 (1) 0 Im 1 (1) 0
Mu 5 (15) 0 Au 0 (0) 0 Me 0 (0) 0
Pe 2 (3) 0 Co 20 + 3 (140) 51 Te 1 (1) 0
Re 5 (15) 0 He 1 (1) 0 Vi 6 (0) 0

Abilitiy Speciality Score Total XP Earned XP
Greek Hermetic Usage 5 0
Latin Academic Usage 5 75
French Poetry 4 50
Italian Expansive Vocabulary 4 50s
Ancient Greek Academic Usage 5 75
Artes Liberales Ceremonial Magic 5 75
Teaching Latin 2 21
Philosophiae Ritual Magic 2 15
Civil and Canon Law Papal Law 1 5
Medicine Anatomy 1 5
Parma Magica Ignem 2 23
Finesse casting speed 1 15
Magic Theory Corpus 4 50
Concentration spell concentration 3 30
Order of Hermes Lore Personalities 1 10
Code of Hermes Tribunal Procedures 1 8
Folk Ken Townsfolk 2 15
Awareness Determining Effect 1 5
Brawl Fist 1 5
Charm Being Witty 2 15
Etiquette Nobility 1 5
Bargain Hard Sell 4 5
Area Lore: Bologona Personalities 2 15
Area Lore: Harco Personalities 1 5
Area Lore: Rapasani Legends 1 5
Area Lore: Paris history 1 5
Spell TeFo Level Casting Score (Te+Fo+Sta) Mastery score Mastery Source Notes
The Chiurgeon’s Healing touch CrCo 20 +42 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. 129 Casting Score includes Artes Liberales, Philosophiae
Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude MuCo 25 +27 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. 131
Arm of the Infant MuCo 20 +28 1 Multiple Casting Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. 131
The Leap of Homecoming ReCo 35 +27 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. 135
Curse of the Unruly Tongue ReCo 5 +27 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. 134
Repel the Wooden Shafts ReHe 10 +8 1 Fast Casting Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. 138
Dance of the Staves ReHe 5 +7 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. 138
The Inexorable Search InCo 20 +25 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. 131

1 I use MetaCreator to track the total for all XP, so the scoring is a bit off when I translate it to RAW.


Jason is originally from Rapasani, not far from the legendary Mount Olympus. From a young age, he was destined to be a teacher, with a keen intellect and an uncanny ability to get his point across. He incepted at the University of Bologna and later taught there for two years of compulsory teaching. It was during this time that it was noted by traveling redcaps who sometimes studied there that students in his classes were rarely sick, or if they were sick recovered quickly. Jason was generally a favorite teacher.

Eventually, word spread among the Redcaps and a Merceris Magus begin investigating this professor, discovering early on he possessed the Gift, and it was most gentle. Alessandro was an aging Magus, and longed for another apprentice. He manufactured the proof of his lineage in an attempt to take Jason as an apprentice and have him be accepted as a legitimate magus of Mercere lineage. Eventually Allesandro’s fraud was discovered, and Jason bears the stigma of that shame to this day. There is one potentially saving grace, but no one knows this, not even Alessandro, and Jason is only marginally aware of its meaning. He has Mutantum Magic in his blood. Since Alessandro’s fraud was discovered part way through the apprenticeship, Alessandro gave up on teaching Jason much in the last few years, and instead left Jason to study from books, one of which was a a superfluous tome on Corpus magic. Jason doesn’t know the significance of Mutantum Magic, or how it would reestablish his legitimacy within House Mercere.

Jason starts off without any advantages that one would normally expect from a Merceris Magus, as he is not well regarded by the Magical Merceres of the House or even the Redcaps. A lone Redcap would be less likely to shun him, or they might even develop a sense of common cause of being pariahs within their House. Jason’s Gifts as a teacher were never overlooked during his apprenticeship, and Harco ensured, despite his questionable lineage, that he remained certified as a Magister in Artibus, sending on the credentials and records of the students (Redcaps) he taught while at Harco. Jason intends to return to Bologna to teach, or will attempt to teach at another local university, if he should join a covenant, in an attempt to retain his Magister status.

Eventually, Jason’s “secret” will get out, and Alessandro’s fraud will be negated by the fact that, to date, only those with the Mutantus’ blood (and thus, by extension, the Founder’s blood) have Mutantum magic. None of Jason’s spells are designed to take advantage of Mutantes magic, at the start of the saga. He is considered, at best, by his House, just another Creo Corpus specialist.


Jason’s routine is very predictable. He currently doesn’t sleep or reside in his lab at Mont Merceris, due to his unhealthy lab that he has to rectify. Since he has not yet started a longevity ritual, Jason feels the touch of old age more than most magi, and is unwilling to engage in unhealthy behaviors that might make him ill. So, in seasons when he isn’t actually using his lab, he spends his nights at his pied-à-terre in Paris, near the university. He can esaily transport himself into the apartment, don night clothes he has stashed there and sleep comfortably in a clean room. He rises early, dresses in scholars robes he has stashed there, as well, and enjoys a morning constitutional into Montmarte, usually about 2 hours and then begins his day of study in earnest around 7am. Every few days, he sends someone, a maid or other covenfolk, to refresh his stock of clothing at his apartment. His schedule is such that he is easily followed and observed, and those observing will note he never leaves the mysterious building he enters in the village of Montmarte, and yet returns departs from his apartment in Paris almost daily. This schedule is modified in the winter, when he travels from his apartment to University as necessary. On days he travels to University he doesn’t go to Montmarte.

Aging Roll 1221 http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4470125/ 2 + 4 -3 =3 Apparent Aging Increased by 1 Year; Did not use lab/sanctum at Monte Mercuris
Aging Roll 1222 http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4470141/ 8+4-3 +1=10 1 Characteristic Point in Str

Jason Papalexandrou

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