Lady Isabella Lacroix

Lady Isabella is a young noble girl in her late teens with long brown hair, blue eyes, and full lips. Isabella has a thin frame and often wears cutting edge fashion.


Personality Traits:
Vain +1, Selfish +1, Romantic +3, Bold +3, Rebellious +3, Adventurous +1

Expanded Description:
Although Isabella is young and petite, she is bold and rebellious and prone to getting whatever she wants from her powerful and rich father. Isabella fits herself with the cutting edge of fashion and she is often seen “leading” an entourage of young maids shopping, socializing, and entertaining themselves.


Maiden Isabella first took note of Benoit at her birthday party. The handsome and charming Benoit was playing the role of a dashing troubadour named Jacques Dubois at that time, while his performance ensured that the celebration would not soon be forgotten, his supernatural nature (unruly air) only intensified the excitement at the party and several times the party got a bit “out of hand.” At the center of the revelry was Benoit, and while the Lord was overall pleased with the troubadour’s performance. He recognized that his young daughter was smitten by the man. His concern was so great, he even offered to be a “patron” of Benoit’s if he made sure not to come around that often. Benoit agreed to the terms even though the lords daughter had already “infiltrated” Benoit’s room the night after her party.

A couple days after making the deal Benoit delighted Isabella by appearing in her room late one night. The next day some of the estate guards mentioned to Isabella’s matron that they had heard some noises in her room. Isabella mentioned that she was having nightmares lately so her matron assigned her lady-in-waiting to stay with her.

For several weeks Isabella’s secret lover did not return and the young lady went through a range of emotions terrorizing her servants and her father. But the girl soon distracted herself with parties, shopping, and other social events. Isabella and her maid Margot grew close during this time but the two were constantly competing against each other. Nevertheless, Isabella had the upper-hand because of her social standing so Margot was generally forced to play a secondary role.

When Isabella’s handsome trouvere returned to her recently she was caught off guard, convinced that he would never return. But the mysterious man aroused her from sleep with a song that still lingers with her today. She wanted to be angry with him and put him in his place but she felt powerless to his charm and music and when Margot designed to grab his attention Isabella grew fearful. She was anxious to help her “Dashing Prince” complete his strange task even if Margot was obviously trying to steal him away. Strangely enough, she found their clandestine mission to be more exciting than any social function she had ever taken part in. When her mischievous bard reveled in their success and spoke poetic verses to her eager ears she suddenly realized that most of her life was one boring routine after another. This night would be different.

Isabella is to consumed by her emotions and romantic fantasies to worry about her tryst with Benoit or to fully contemplate what happened in the war room that night. While Margot was present and competing for his attention Isabella was living life on the edge and deep down inside she enjoyed thumbing her nose at convention. While Isabella enjoys the perks of her privileged birth she has gotten a taste for adventure and she likes it. Margot has attempted to talk to her about THAT night on a few occasions but Isabella blows her off. It’s not in Isabella’s nature to worry about anything since her daddy always gives her what she wants one way or another.

Lady Isabella Lacroix

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