Noelle Verditius

Hermetic Seamstress


Age: 30 Apparent Age: 30
Personality traits: Perfectionist 6, Driven +3, Emotive +3, Greedy1
Wizard’s Sigil: Colors are slightly enhanced.
Voting Sigil: A wooden Spindle
Birth name: Gabrielle Dufort

Int +3 Per +0
Pre +1 Com +2
Str -3 Sta -1
Dex +2 Qui +2
(0) The Gift (3) Driven(best Tailor)- Major
(0) Hermetic Magus (1) Oversensitive (someone mistreating kids)
(1) Puissant with Creo(1) Proud – minor (Sewing)
(1) Puissant With Rego(1) Softhearted – minor (childreen)
(1) Fairy Blood: Spinnen (1) Visions
(1) Subtle Magic (3) Dependent (Sister – Heloise)
(1) Quiet Magic
(1) Inventive Genius
(1) Special Circumstances (Sewing)
(3) Secondary Insight
Technique Score (xp) XP Earned Form Score (xp) XP Earned Form Score (xp) XP Earned
Cr 4 + 3 (11) 0 An 5 (15) 0 Ig 3 (06) 0
In 3 (06) 0 Aq 2 (02) 0 Im 2 (06) 0
Mu 7 (28) 0 Au 2 (03) 0 Me 3 (06) 0
Pe 2 (03) 0 Co 5 (15) 0 Te 3 (06) 0
Re 5 + 3(15) 0 He 5 (15) 0 Vi 3 (06) 0

Ability Speciality Score Total XP XP Earned
French Selling 5 75
Latin Magus 4 50
Charm Customer 2 15
Folk ken Customer 2 15
Guile Selling 2 15
Craft Sewing Cloak 5 75
Awareness Searching 1 05
Etiquette Nobles 1 05
Bargain Clothes 1 05 03
Arts Liberalis Cerimonial Magic 1 05
Hermes Lore Verditius 1 05
Penetration menten 1 05
Magic Theory Enchanting Items 5 75
Parma Magic mentem 1 05
Finesse Corpus 1 05
Concentration imaginem 1 05
Philosophiae Cerimonial Magic 1 05
Fairie Lore Bargaining 1 05 05
Spell TeFo Level Casting Score (Te+Fo+Sta) Mastery score Mastery Source Casting Tool
Wizard´s SideStep ReIm 10 10 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. 147 Several Colored Wool Threads
Call to Slumber ReCo 10 16 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.151 -
Decay Fur and Hide PeAn 15 10 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk MuAn 15 12 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. leather piece with the format of a shield
Disguise of the Putrid Aroma ReAN 5 16 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. -
Confort Of the Drenched Traveler PeAq 05 7 Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. -
Cloak of the Duck´s Feathers ReAq 5 13 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. -
Bind Wound CrCo 10 15 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. -
Disguise of the new Visage MuCo 10 15 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. -
Prying Eyes InIm 05 8 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. -
Veil of Invisibility PeIm 20 8 1 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg. -

Noelle´s father is a professional Tailor in Flanders who belongs to a (tailor) guild.

Inside her house, she loved to see and touch all those beautiful clothes her father made, always wondering what kind of person had bought it. Sometimes she tried to copy her father creations, taking small pieces of cloth left aside.
Her father would never allow her to use any of those special clothes, always saying that those were not for us to use.

One day, her father asked her to help with the shop, he had never asked her to do anything like that before, but her mother was sick, his assistents and brothers were nowhere around, and he was waiting an important customer. “If she arrives just ask her to wait, I´ll be back in a moment” said him while sprinting out of the shop.

So she sat in a corner and started sewing a glove for herself as her father would never allow her to do anything for his clients. She barely started and someone knocked. One those strange terrifying customers that walked around now and then. So she did what she was told to and went back to her corner.

While she sewed she felt the eyes over her, “did i do something wrong?” she thought, her hands started to shake, thinking the worst with her eyes kept down. That customer will certainly say something nasty as everyone around.

She felt someone touching her hand. “Beatifull work, did you sewed all by yourself?” Asked the strange lady. That lady terrified her. Luckly her father was back.

After that her parents wispered a lot and days later she went to a new home.

During her apprenticeship, she sewed a lot, cloaks, dresses, gloves, mainly for magi and redcaps. Her Mater was one of the few specialized in the hermes world, most of the verditius preffer to work metals.
Her Mater was always scolding Noelle, because she was too slow. Noelle hated lose threads or any other imperfection and lost time taking care of these details.
In time, she gave up on trying to do perfect clothes for others, since no one, neither her Mater seems to care.
Her Mater still bought some clothes from her father, since the demand was too high and she didn´t had time to do all of them.

After completing her apprentiship, Noelle visits her family in Flanders and finds out that her brothers had abandoned one of their sisters, Heloise, who had married an ambitious, unscrupulous man, who almost killed her and their new born child when realised he couldn’t gain anything from her family. Noelle couldn´t stand it and made her husband disapear. Since then Noelle takes care of her sister.

Noelle Verditius

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