Roma-Silva The Blue

Roma-Silva The Blue is a dynamic and independent maga and paren of Benoit. Information about Silva is not widespread but she is still quite beautiful, although she is known to be very experienced . Silva get's her nickname from her fixation with the color


Passionate +2, Energetic +3, Reflective +1, Independent +2, Patient -1


Roma-silva The Blue – Roma-silva is a powerful elemental maga that hides her spirited and fanciful side behind a facade of stoic professionalism. In truth Roma-silva is deep and prone to reflection. She can be very spontaneous and unorthodox but everything she does has a purpose. Roma-silva is not easily impressed. She is fascinated with the raw power and beauty of nature and her control over the wind and elements is quite impressive. Still, she can be standoffish to those she considers predictable, overly cautious, or orthodox. Roma-silva can also be a bit vain and she goes out of her way to maintain her appearance, the thought of growing old and decrepit is disturbing to her. She loves music, various physical pursuits and flowing clothes that move with the wind.

Roma-Silva The Blue

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