The biggest Quaesitorial covenant in Normandy, the members of Confluensis are hand picked by the Inner Council of Magvillus. Members are chosen for their adherence and reverence to the Code of Hermes. This is so because they must keep order in possibly the most convoluted Tribunal in the whole Order, rife with conflict, both internal and external. Only two members are not magi of House Guernicus, a follower of Jerbiton and a Tytali. The covenant is located in a swamp on the Cotentin Peninsula, and built to look like a gigantic stone flower emerging from the swamp. Some say it is so because the original Guernici magi to found the covenant were part of the select Terrae Mystery Cult, believed by many to be the foremost Terram masters in the Order of Hermes.

Placed in the village of Cunfin, in Champagne, Cunfin is, unusually, home both to magi and monks. As unusual as this combination may be, it has kept the Order informed of the internal issues in the Church. Despite the difficulties offered by the Dominion aura, Cunfin attracts the visit of several magi, especially for the rumours of a successful marriage between Magic and the Divine that they practice.

Tanière du Dragon
Dragon’s rest is located in a series of caves who used to be the lair of an old dragon. It is the Tribunal’s Mercer House, and their fealty to Confluensis is only formal, as their Oath is actually very equitable.

Sitting by the eastern margin of the Meuse river, Almelo is more accurately located within the Rhine Tribunal, but the Quaesitores have decided to wait for the Great Tribunal in 1228 for a decision to be made. Regardless, it is a small covenant inside a beautiful forest of tranquil and serene sights. It was founded only recently, in 1219.


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