Florum is, in fact, a collection of smaller covenants which act under the same name. For all legal purposes, however, Florum, at Ghent, is the actual covenant; the others being no more than the places individual magi chose to live at. Initially founded where the Palais du Araignée is currently located, Florum was moved to Ghent in the 10th century. Florum and its vassals depend on the growing textile business in the lower countries for their income, which means they do not lack for mundane riches.

Palais du Araignée
The Spider Palace was the original site of Florum, and now lies mostly abandoned, having only one or two magi present at all times in order to keep its Seisins.

Requiaes Aeterna
A small Ex Miscellanea covenant facing winter, Requiaes Aeterna is the nominal seat of power to a tradition known as the Donatores Requietis Aeternae, who are dedicated to aiding the dead to depart the world of the living. Virtually unimportant politically, the covenant is but a shadow of its former glory.

A specialized covenant, dedicated to the study of Logics, Reason and the art of Mentem. Founded by a Criamon and a Jerbiton magi, with the objective of understanding the nature of the Soul and the gift of Reason granted to men by God, it is nevertheless much more devoted to the study of the Artes Liberales and Philosophiae. Its mundane library is perhaps the largest among all covenants in Normandy – not a small feat considering it is a relatively young summer covenant.

Monte Mercurius
Founded at the site of an ancient temple to Mercury, from which it takes its name, Monte Mercurius had the declared objective of studying the nature of the varying auras in the region. Initially a vassal of Lapis Crudus, it accepted the protection of Florum when Lapis Crudus was considered to have been lost. It currently holds a unique position in the Tribunal, owing fealty to two covenants. Although it as seen better days, it has recently received a wave of new magi intent on keeping the covenant alive and fighting the winter that threatens to take hold of it.


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