The soft faced Mercere appears road weary and tired, his clothes are battered and dusty. He has two immobile wooden hands in place of his lost ones, and deep eyes

Age:33 (1222)
Personality traits:Lecherous +6, Independant +2, Sociable +2, Brave +1

Warping: 0.25
Equipment: Cloak of Invisibility (Veil of invisibility – 2x day +6 penetration)

Int +1 Per +1
Pre +2 Com +1
Str -1 Sta +2
Dex -1 Qui +0
Lone Redcap No Hands
Entrancement Lecherous
Puissant (Entrancement) Busybody
Ways of the City Blackmail
Long Winded Clumsy
Gossip Poor Student

Abilitiy (45+150) Speciality Score Total XP Earned XP
Paris Lore Women 2 20
Normandy Lore Taverns 2 15
Flandres Lore Nobles 1 05
Awareness Road 3 30
Brawl Dodge 1 05
Ride Long trips 1 05
Stealth Road 1 05
Survival Woods 1 05
Bargain Magi 2 15
Carouse Taverns 2 23
Charm Married women 2 15
Etiquette Magus 2 15
Folk Ken The fair sex 3 30
French Tales 5 75
Latin Formal 4 55
Breton Peasants 3 30
English Peasants 4 50
Flemish Peasants 3 30
Order of Hermes Lore Normandy Tribunal 3 30
Faerie Lore Personality 3 30
Entrancement Women 5 75
Code of Hermes 3 32

XP spending
Y1S1: +5 XP Speak Latin (Adventure) +3 Order of hermes Lore xp (Adventure)
Y1S2: +2 XP Order of Hermes Lore (Exposure)
Y1S3: +4 XP Carouse (In the city of Paris)
Y2S1: +2 XP Order of Hermes Lore (Exposure)


Afonso was born in a very poor family, and discovered his “ability” to influence others at an early age. At first he used his ability to become an apprentice to a builder, but the amount of study required to actually become a master made Afonso quickly give up on the idea. Next he wanted to be a priest, but with his capacity to influence others was seriously limited closer to the church, and the stiff discipline was certainly not to his liking. Next he decided he could be a merchant, but he loved to spend money too much to hoard it. Afonso was close to giving up any pretense of finding a real trade when he met Argonius, a good natured traveler with plenty of interesting tales, and surrounded by an aura of authority, despite not appearing to have much besides a small bag of coins, some correspondences, and a worn redcap. He used his power to convince Argonius to help him escape the city, and followed him along the road, causing no shortage of mischief.

Argonius though the teenager Afonso could still be trained as a magus, obviously he had some sort of mythical skill, but the magus told the boy’s gift was too damaged to be trained. He had a short attention span, a disregard for authority and a carefree mindset that would make him ill suited for the rigorous life of a Mercere, but Argonius started to truly like the spirited boy, and he saw himself as Afonso’s last chance to learn an honest trade. Argonius took the boy as his apprentice, and saw him grow into a young troublemaker, a silver tongued rake that created as many problems as he solved.

Close to the end of his apprenticeship, one of Afonso’s adventures went sour. He overindulged in the hospitality of a Sheriff and thrown into chains like a criminal. He spent almost a full year in captivity being beaten and tortured, without a chance to use his abilities to escape. The sadistic sheriff was particularly found of torturing his hands, pulling nails and putting open wounds into feces, and letting his prisoners watch with horror as their bodies putrefied in front of them. Afonso was eventually found and saved by the Order of Hermes, but his hands were beyond magical healing. The sheriff didnt survive.

During his recovery period in the Mercere House, Afonso took advantage of another magi’s apprentice. Afonso was sworn a magi and given his duties as a redcap. When this last adventure came into light, the covenant leader and master of aforementioned apprentice was furious, and cut ties with redcap.


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