Arnoul de Cayeux

A minor noble of no account


Age: 45 Apparent Age: 45
Size: +1Height:5’6’’Weight:156 lbsGender: Male
Warping Score:0
Personality traits:____
Reputation: Troublemaker (Jersey)

Int -1 Per -1
Pre +1 Com -2
Str +1 Sta +2
Dex +3Qui +2
Strong Satyr Blood Oath of Fealty (3)
Affinity with Single Weapon Lecherous (major) (3)
Landed NobleNo Sense of Direction(1)
Second Sight (free) Unruly Air (1)
Tough (Soak: +3) Overconfident (1)
Educated (50/50)Poor Student (1)
Self ConfidentPoor (acquired at saga start)
Abilitiy Speciality Score Total XP Earned XP
French ___________ 5 75
Latin hermetic terms 4 50
Breton Expansive Vocabulary 3 30
Second Sight Faeries 2 10 1
Artes Liberales rhetoric 2 15
Great Weapon Staff 5 75
Single Weapon Sword, Long 7 93*
Brawl Grappling 2 15
Ride battle 4 50
Athletics jumping 2 15
Survival forests 2 15
Swim underwater maneuvering 1 5
Stealth shadowing 1 5
Carouse staying sober 1 5
Carouse staying sober 1 5
Covenant Lore Mons Mecruis history 1 5
Order of Hermes Lore personalities 1 5
Faerie Lore faerie mounds 1 5 2
Charm women 2 15
Guile fast talk 2 15
Etiquette nobility 2 15
Charm women 2 15
Area Lore:Provence geography 2 15
Area Lore:France personalities 2 15
Intrigue alliances 3 30
Folk Ken opposite sex 3 30
Area Lore:Paris history 3 30
Leadership intimidation 4 50
Awareness searching 4 50

Soak: +5
Encumbrance: 0 (0)


Arnoul is the only child to the previous viscount1 of Montmartre. Arnoul’s mother died in childbirth. His father retired to estates when Arnoul was 20, naming Arnoul viscount, his father died in a hunting accident 2 years later, leaving Arnoul with several estates to manage. Through a series of poorly executed commercial deals, and being outmaneuvered at court while he was on crusade he lost all holdings except Montmartre.
Arnoul has no particular desire to settle down, and feels young and spry despite his advanced age. While others complain about gout, arthritis, he feels young and hale. Arnoul may have bastard children, as he is quick to consummate a relationship with any willing woman when he is away from Montmartre, but he is more reserved close to home. He realizes he needs to find a woman, marry and raise a family, but he has no particular desire to do so.
The covenant of Monte Mercurius is now his largest tenant and occupies the prime spot of the village, the hill in Montmartre. He is sometimes called upon to assist the magi of that covenant. Arnoul has generally given the covenant a lot of leeway, but that may be changing as his most recent reversals have cost them a lot of wealth, and they happened when all the new magi came to join Monte Mercurius.

Atticus- a reasonable enough person, and has been a good tenant. The addition of new magi has strained the relationship between he and Arnoul.

Stephanos- Arnoul appreciates and, probably, could get along best with the military minded magus but he has had little opportunity to do so. Arnoul has merely observed him practicing swordplay with some of the men of the covenant. He feels at ease around him.

Nimrod- It’s tough to say, he seems to be a bit bookish, and while Arnoul has learned his letters, he finds little of interest in books. And from the expedition in Guernsey, he thinks that Nimrod would prefer to find the answer to a problem in a book, than to just take action.

Benoit- rubs Arnoul the wrong way. It’s probably because they are a bit too much alike. His desire to be gregarious with people of any stripe grates on Arnoul’s words. Magi in general don’t understand peerage, and Arnoul never presses the issue, but with Benoit he just might. Arnoul has observed that Benoit is as mercurial as the wind, and seems to be easily distracted from the task at hand. Of course, Arnoul is easily distracted, as well.

Noelle- she is attractive, but she is a maga, and she also has a touch of the Fae. A relationship with her will likely consume him, and not in a pleasing way. He’s wary of her.

Jason- This guy seems fine, doesn’t give off the vibe. But he’s even more bookish than Nimrod. Definitely. Do. Not. Like. He doesn’t seem to be much of a magus, either. Arnoul hs never seen him cast a spell or act magical. Maybe he’s a fraud.

have no idea of French peerage or even if such a peer existed, it just sounded good to make him a viscount.

Arnoul de Cayeux

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