Benoit "Windsong" Escalados (True Name: Asha-Benoit Shantee' Escalados)


Age: 43 Apparent Age: 25
Personality traits:Carefree +2, Hedonistic +2, Mischievous +2, Charming +3, Creative +3, Ambitious +1, Loyal (Quiver) +3
Wizard’s Sigil: Spells cast by Benoit tend to be visually striking or produce a brief pleasurable sensation that is likely to catch a living target off guard.
Voting Sigil: A blueish-white feather from a magical bird.
Confidence: 11.
Warping: 4xp(1).
Twilight Scars: Smells like fresh apples, Piercing the Faerie Veil.

Int +2 Per -3
Pre +2 Com +2
Str -1 Sta +2
Dex +1 Qui +1
The Gift Study Requirement
Hermetic Magus Deleterious Circumstances (deep below ground)
Mythic Blood -WotSW Susceptibility to Divine Power
Minor Magical Focus (wind) Weird Magic (extra botch die for strange/bizarre effects)
Magical Memory Restrictions -markings & talismans
Skilled ParensCarefree
Enchanting MusicCompulsion – To move at all times
Unaging Weakness – A pretty face
Venus’ Blessing Blackmail
Performance Magic Unruly Air
Alluring to Faeries
Way of the Town
Twilight – Piercing the Faerie Vale
Technique Score (xp) XP Earned Form Score (xp) XP Earned Form Score (xp) XP Earned
Cr 8(36) 15 An 5 (16) 16 Ig 5 (15) 0
In 6 (21) 0 Aq 5 (16) 16 Im 5 (15) 0
Mu 8 (38) 0 Au 12(78) 0 Me 8 (40) 0
Pe 5 (15) 0 Co 4(10) 0 Te 5 (15) 15
Re 6 (21) 0 He 5 (18) 18 Vi 0 (00) 0
Abilitiy Speciality Score Total XP Earned XP
Paris Lore Locations 1 05
Normandy Lore* Who’s Who 1 05
Athletics Acrobatics 2 15
Bargain Discounts 3 30
Awareness Search 1 05
Brawl Dodge 2 15
Charm Opposite Sex 4 69
Carouse alcohol tolerance 1 5
Concentration spells 2 15
Etiquette faeries 2 15
Folk Ken opposite sex 1 05
Guile Subterfuge 4 50
Intrigue Gossip 1 05
Leadership Inspiration 1 05
Legerdemain Magic Tricks 2 15
Music Mandolins 3 30
French Expressive 5 75
Hermes Lore Magi 1 5
Profession (Trouvere’) Love Songs 3 32
Stealth Urban 1 05
Teaching Auram 1 05
Artes Liberales Music 1 05
Latin Study Books 3 35
Magic Lore Creatures 1 05
Magic Theory Enchanting Items 4 72
Code of Hermes Mundane Relations 1 05
Faerie Lore Who’s Who 1 08
Finesse Auram 4 50
Parma Magica Auram 2 23
Penetration Auram 1 05
Enchanting Music Cheerfulness 4 50
Spell TeFo Level Casting Score (Te+Fo+Sta) Mastery score Mastery Source Notes
Circling Winds of Protection ReAu 20 +20 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Pull of the Skybound Winds CrAu 30 +20 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Eyes of the Bat InAu 25 +18 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Talons of the Wind InAu 20 +18 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
My New Best Friend CrMe 20 +20 0 Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Peeling Back the Layers InMe 20 +14 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Notes of Delightful Sound MuIm 10 +15 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Disguise of the Transformed Image MuIm 15 +13 0 Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Scent of Peaceful Slumber ReMe 20 +14 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Aura of Beguiling Appearance MuIm 10 +13 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Winds of the Soaring Wind (Mythic power) CrAu __ +18 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.

Amelia -Aquam
Viviana -Corpus
Cecelia – Magic Theory
Pelegan – Animal
Avellana – Mentem

Gear (Carried):
350 SP
Vis: 3 Auram, 5 Vim, 0 Mentem, 1 Imaginem
Dashing Outfit
Talismans, trinkets, dyes
Superior Cape +1 Charm
Superior Mandolin +1 Music

Gear (Stored):
Ring of Wanderlust Desire (enchanted)
Artes Liberales Tractatii, Q14
Order of Hermes Lore Tractatus Q15
Mystery of the Droplet Tractatus Aquam Q9 by Amelie
Remedies from the Natural World Tractatus Q9 by Viviane
Ring of Enduring Bliss

Reputation: Trouv’ere (Hermetic) 6
Reputation: Entertainer (Local) 5
Reputation: Trouv’ere (Faerie) 1
Reputation: Gypsy (Local) 2
Reputation: Womanizer (Local) 2
Reputation: Charmer (Local) 4
Reputation: Charmer (Hermetic) 1
Reputation: Daredevil (Hermetic) 2
Reputation: Wind Mage (Hermetic) 1
Reputation lab:Avant-Garde Magi 1
Benoit “Windsong” Escalados

Disguises: Jacques Dubois (Reputation: Entertainer +1), Jean-Luc Merot (Merchant)
Individuals of Note:
Jovina Escalados – Benoit’s mother born (1170) in Valencia and “adopted” by The Whistle and the Whirl Traveling Company at age 10. Jovina is a highly skilled dancer and a mesmerizing songstress known for her great beauty.

Ashantee’ Lord of the Majestic Windsong, Distiller of Man’s Breath & the Conductor of the Symphony of the Winds – A powerful and influential member of The Wind Symphony, a council of elemental beings in the faerie realm associated with the element of air. Ashantee’ is a gregarious and inquisitive being, fond of taking a striking but mundane form and interacting with humans, faeries, or other creatures that catch his fancy. During these “exchanges” Ashantee’ will often question, debate, entertain, or even challenge those he interacts with. Although Ashantee’ is generally idealistic, proud, and overenthusiastic, he is also charming, clever, and gracious, although he is also fond of making the claim that every worthwhile talent of man is a gift from him.

Roma-Silva the Blue – A powerful elemental maga that at one time was quite jaded and cynical from her past experiences. Surprisingly, Silva’s attitudes about life changed in many positive ways after years training her apprentice Benoit. Her only dark secret involves the short “affair” that she had with her apprentice towards the end of his training. Silva is fond of travel and quite independent for a magi.

Youngtree – Benoit charmed this young faerie in the forest outside of Lapis Crudus and the two quickly became friends and lovers. Benoit later invited Youngtree to take up residence within his lab and the curious and vibrant dryad accepted. Youngtree uses her glamour to make Benoit’s lab appear to be a peaceful forest glade. She provides Benoit with faerie ingredients and Benoit gifts her with story, song, and a new dress once a year.

Old Man Grome – Benoit befriended this gruff faerie on Jersey Island while questing for lost vis with his companions. Grome’s mother was once a powerful faerie in the area but an evil mage destroyed her while the mage was transformed into a magical boar with no recollection of its previous existence. Benoit shared some memories of his own mother in return for Grome’s help and the two have experienced some ongoing changes in their personality. Benoit also offered to infuse joy and happiness into Grome’s life through story and song in return for little helpers in his lab and faerie ingredients which he hopes to barter with in the future.

Viviana of Ex Miscellanea (Atsingani Covenant) – A fading beauty of Mediterranean descent and the leader of her nomadic covenant. Benoit charmed the passionate maga in the market before getting to know her even more intimately in her grand wagon of faerie origin. (charm roll 23)

Quaesitor Cecilia ex Guernicus – A pretty and petite blonde maga with a serious expression that appears to be in her mid 30’s. Cecilia investigated Benoit’s actions in the market during the Tribunal and determined that he was innocent of ill-intent. After sharing some cider with Benoit and some pleasantries, she declared her desire to correspond with Benoit or perhaps meet at a future date. (charm roll 14)

Appearance: Benoit is a dynamic member of House Ex Miscellanea that does not fit the classic mold of a hermetic magus. Standing just over 6’ tall with a lean muscular frame, dark flowing locks, and striking pale blue eyes, Benoit has a captivating aura and charm to spare that only enhances his deep melodic voice. Although he often comes across as distracted and carefree, he can be quite cunning, persuasive, and full of surprises. Furthermore, Benoit is fond of clothes and ornament that accentuate his dashing good looks and mystical origin. He favors clothes that are flowing or loose, soft and colorful. He is never seen without feathers, hoops, body paints and other frills.

 photo BenoitSlumbering.png

History: Born just outside of Valencia, Jovina Escalados chose to join a troupe of travelling entertainers and performers when she lost her parents at a young age. Although Jovina had no family to cushion the blow from such a loss, the beautiful young woman had an acrobats grace and a voice that could silence crying babies and make calloused generals weep. Jovina’s natural skills were further enhanced by entertainers within the travelling company who were like a family to her. But it was during an inspiring performance in Southern France that she seized the attention of Ashantee’ Lord of the Majestic Windsong, Distiller of Man’s Breath & the Conductor of the Symphony of the Winds. Ashantee’ was an influencial member of The Wind Symphony, a council of elemental beings in the fae realm associated with the element of air. Whereas most members of the council remained detached from the mortal realm, Ashantee’ was a gregarious and inquisitive being, fond of taking a striking but mundane form and interacting with humans, faeries, or other creatures that caught his fancy at that moment. During these “exchanges” Ashantee’ would often question, debate, entertain, or even challenge those he interacted with. Although Ashantee’ was generally idealistic, proud, and overenthusiastic, he was also charming, clever, and gracious, although he was fond of making the claim that every worthwhile talent of man was a gift from him.

It was rare for a song from the land of men to make it to Ashantee’s “ears,” but on occasion the winds were so pleased with a performance they carried it with them even into other realms where some of them visited upon occasion. But Jovina’s performance caught the attention of Ashantee’ and The Majestic Windsong paid her a visit that lasted nearly two days, which was a lifetime by typical Ashantee’ standards. A few weeks after the visit Jovina was with child.

Jovina soon bore a son and named him after the mysterious and dashing stranger that had visited her during her performances in Marseilles. Benoit was no typical child. He appeared to pick everything up quickly and he often did things at full speed. The boy had gifts as well, he inherited his mothers talents in music and he was naturally charming and devilishly handsome. Although he was always getting into things and going places he didn’t belong, nobody within the troupe could resist his raw charisma. Benoit was loved by the company even though they had grown quite accustomed to cleaning up after his messes. But the boy continued to grow and he began to take a larger role in the group. Soon he was performing magic tricks, helping the acrobats, and singing with his mother. The fame and fortune of the company seem to grow hand-in -hand with Benoit’s age. It was during one of his performances that Roma-Silva the Blue came across Benoit after hearing whispers in the wind about a special boy. After watching several of his performances she found herself captivated by the young lad and against her better judgment she sought to teach him, although she hadn’t taken on an apprentice in several years.

After explaining Benoit’s gifts to his mother and easily enchanting Benoit with stories adventure and learning, Jovina and the company gave Roma-Silva their blessings, although it was hard to let him go. Benoit swore to return when his lessons were done and he set off with the strange woman.

Silva the Blue had become a somewhat cynical magi during the course of her life. Between politics, betrayals and heartache, Silva generally preferred the company of rural folk, spirits and animals. She was determined to teach Benoit in a manner that would ground him and help him focus, but the young boy was like nobody she had ever met. Silva quickly recognized his bond with the winds and his natural talents in charm and song. He was a quick learner but his most endearing and frustrating quality was his ability to weather any failure, scolding, or defeat with a simple shrug, smile or funny expression. Silva pressed for greater focus and seriousness but she found her own stoicism and even cynicism wavering in the presence of Benoit. As their lessons continued Silva’s relationship with Benoit slowly began to change. Benoit would often sing or perform and Silva’s dire view of the world seem to brighten. The two traveled far and wide during their lessons and there were times when Silva felt the teacher was actually the student. Towards the end of Benoit’s apprenticeship Silva began to grow fearful of losing him and even considered delaying his success to “make sure that he was truly ready.” But Silva knew that she could not do that to Benoit, the young man whom had lightened her load for so many years and renewed her passion for life. When the two of them became intimate on several occasions Silva recognized the need necessity of letting him go. She could no longer control her own emotions and Benoit needed to find his own way. Thus Benoit departed from Silva in the same manner he had entered her life….like the wind. But even as Benoit packed his things and followed the winds which happen to be blowing towards Paris, he made Silva promise him that she would keep in touch. It was not a difficult promise for Roma-Silva the Blue to make.

It did not take Benoit long to embrace Paris. Silva had given him her covered wagon as a gift before she left and Benoit was ready for adventure. Paris was everything he could hope for…although it smelled very bad in some locations. Still, Benoit quickly made himself at home and even established a couple identities that helped him get to know people better and make some coin on the side. During one encounter he was asked to perform with a number of other entertainers at the birthday party of a beautiful maiden named Isabella Lacroix. Under the guise of a creative entertainer he performed at the lady’s party and completely enchanted Lady Isabella. Later than evening Isabella snuck into his guest room and Isabella has not been the same since. The young maid has grown so obsessed with the entertainer that her father, a powerful lord, summoned Benoit and offered to pay him coin if he would stay away. Benoit was not one to turn down easy coin so he agreed, even though the mischievous magi had already paid the young lady two late night visits via her tower window.

A Reflection on Companions and Acquaintances with Youngtree:

Atticus- He is the leader of our covenant my sweet. But you would not like him m’afraid, there is little joy or adventure in his heart it seems. He tries to be fair and it’s obvious that he is a responsible type. Still, there must be more to life than locking oneself in their lab. I suspect a roll-in-the-hay would do him some good my dear. he wiggles his eyebrows at Youngtree

Stephanos- The foul and angry words that you heard echoing forth from the heating pipes beneath us were likely the Ignem-fueled incantations of my charming companion Stephanos. Ahh you might recall him from our first meeting Youngtree, he is a fierce looking magus that enjoys being in charge I think. He is not very fun but he appears hard-working. Perhaps he will enjoy our flight to the island.

Nimrod- He is a strange one beautiful. He appears to appreciate the elements and the wind but he is also fond of rambling. I think he views himself as a great hero although he has not done anything yet. Still, there is always tomorrow right? Perhaps someday he will learn that it is better to be underestimated than overestimated. Or perhaps I will find him a woman and tell her to refer to him as “my prince” at all times. I suspect that would arouse him greatly.

Noelle- Yes, she is the maga that aided us in getting your tree here. She is quiet and helpful. She is also the one that makes your wonderful dresses. She is quite beautiful indeed and I suspect there is more to her than meets the eye…he thinks for a moment and then notices Youngtree’s expressionWHAT?

Jason- I am not completely sure what to think of Sodalis Jason my cherry blossom. He appears to be very helpful and focused but of course he is rather serious as well. When I first joined the covenant he occasionally smelled horrible, like something had crawled into his robes and died. But I have not noticed that scent upon him lately. I suspect you would appreciate his pleasantness of form but I have sensed no creative muse within him m’afraid.

Roma-Silva the Blue- My parens is a breath of fresh air on a stale day my sweet. Looking back now I am thankful that she let me live and learn. She did not seek to stifle my curiosity, rather she appeared to nurture it. She has a great love of nature and you would appreciate her values. I am sure she will visit our new home at some point but she goes where the wind takes her.

Simza- Our meeting was strange indeed, although much more tragic for her. You see Youngtree, humans can be quite fearful and ignorant, and when humans such as this gather, pain, cruelty, and death often follow. Simza’s parents were murdered by such a mob and she would have likely suffered the same fate had I not happened by. Since that time she has played a valuable role during my occasional street performances. She has many unique skills as well……no no no…not THOSE type of skills..thinks for a moment….ok I suppose she has those skills as well. smiles

Arnoul- He aided us in our journey on the island Youngtree. You know, he is the brave one that I sang about upon my return. He was quite bold and daring, although a tad bit ornery. In some ways he reminded me of Old Man Grome. But that will soon change my dear for Grome is in the process of transformation! What is that? You want a transformation? My sweet sweet Youngtree, your transformation has already begun my dear.

Lady Isabelle & Margot- Why do you want to hear this story again my “little leaf rustler?” The girls are not that different than other women you have observed. Yes, they are rare beauties and their families have power and authority over men, but they have many of the same desires and passions that all of us have. I suppose that you would enjoy certain aspects of their lives, the parties, clothes, and gifts. But trust me when I say to you that some aspects of their lives would be tortuous. The lack of freedom, adventure, and choice. he shakes his head at the thought It is my hope that I have granted them a small taste of the sweet fruit that is life. What is that? Yes, yes I suppose that I shall visit them again at some point. But I leave that to the winds my dear.

Benoit "Windsong" Escalados (True Name: Asha-Benoit Shantee' Escalados)

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