Maid Margot

Isabella Lacroix's Lady-in-waiting is very slender with wavy dark hair and blue eyes. Normally she would gather plenty of attention at court but Isabella's own beauty and status tends to outshine her own.


Personality Traits:
Ambitious +2, Daring +2, Timid -3, Secretive +3, Paranoid +2

Margot is the second daughter of a lesser noble house. Were it not for her lesser noble standing and her birth order Margot would surely have lived the life of a princess. Margot is not the brightest girl but she is ambitious, daring, and willful. Of course all these qualities only magnify Isabella’s own strong personality. Still, Margot is no fool and she chooses carefully when to exert her will. As Isabella’s Lady-in-waiting she is fully aware of the importance of her relationship with the spoiled daughter of a powerful noble lord. Still, there are times when she detests remaining in the background while her lady gets all the attention.


Margot suspected that her lady had an eye on the mysterious troubadour who performed at her birthday party but her suspicions were confirmed when that same troubadour showed up in their room one night! Normally Margot would have been shocked and afraid but the song that the troubadour sang was like nothing she had ever heard before. When the mysterious man talked about needing to borrow a map, Margot was determined not to be outdone by Isabella this time and she flew into action. The three of them managed to make their way through the estate and to the lords war room.

The events that followed still shock and linger with Margot to this day. She did not imagine that she nor her lady were capable of such behavior! If anybody were to find out what happen in the war room that night a scandal of epic proportions would surely be unleashed. Their personal reputations and the reputation of their houses would suffer dearly. The handsome and dashing troubadour would likely be executed and she and her lady would likely be ostracized by all within the court. The ramifications would be horrible! Simply horrible! So why can’t she stop thinking of that night and why does the very thought of it exhilarate her!

Maid Margot

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