Failed Apprentice of Tytalus


Age: 20 Apparent Age: 10
Personality traits:Determined +3, Loyal +3, Brave +3, Proud(Tytalus) +6
Confidence: 3

Characteristics- Child
Int +0 Per +0
Pre -1 Com -1
Str +1 Sta +0
Dex +0 Qui +1
(1) Failed Apprentice (3) Proud – Tytalus
(1) Latent Magic Ability (1)Reckless
(1) Intuition (1) Animal Companion (dog – puppy)
(1) Apt Student (3) Magical Air
(1) Improved Characteristics(1)Dutybound
(1) Puissant Single Weapon(1)No sense of direction
(1) Unaging (stopped at 10)
(1) Warrior
(1) Protection (ex-Patter)
(1) Premonitions
Abilitiy (45+150) Speciality Score Total XP Earned XP
Area Lore: Geography 1 05
Artes Liberalis Astrology 1 05
Awareness Sounds 2 15
Brawl Fist 1 05
Charm First Impressions 1 05
Etiquette Faerie 1 05
Faerie Lore legends 1 05
Folk Ken Soldiers 2 21 06
French Military Terms 5 75
Guile lying to authority 1 05
Titanoi Lore history 3 30
Intrigue Plotting 2 15
Latin Hermetic Terms 4 50
Leadership Intimidation 1 05
Magic Lore Regiones 2 15
Magic Theory Laboratory work 2 15
Order of Hermes Lore History 1 05
Philosophiae Ritual Magic 1 05
Ride speed 1 05
Profession: Scribe Copying 2 15
Single Weapon Short sword 5+2 75
Premonitions Self 3 30
Weapons Init Attack Defense Damage
Sword +1 0+8+3(11) 1+8+1(10) 1+5(6)

He couldn´t say he wasn´t luck, he was born near a Domus Magna, Fudarus.
When he turned 5, he he was taken under protection of an old knight who taught him how to read, write and defend. He had his conforts and was treated fairly.
When he reached 9, the knight revealed he was Mathis, a magi of Tytalus and as he showed his true features he told him that now he would start his path towards becoming a tytalus and presented him the “Book of Instruction” which from now on he should follow.
After that, his kind tutor followed the irrational rules of the book, Nathan couldn´t stand most of them and was always quarrelling with his pater to no avail.
During his second year of trainning, he found a lost puppy and managed to hide him from Mathis and sometimes took him to his quarters.
One day, his puppy was sick and expecting to find nobody in the lab, carried him there and took some vis to try to save his dog. As Nathan sucessfully healed it, he heard someone openning the lab door and hid in the quarters beside the lab. Mathis entered the room and started to work in his experiment.
With his dog still asleep, he waited. Sudenly, the usual sounds of lab work disapeared and silence took place. an hour passed and slowly he opened the door to find his pater, his body deforming as it melted. Nathan, despite all the fights, he still remembered him as that old knight, He got desperate and tried to heal him using all the vis at hand.

After that, he couldn’t remember much.
…he stayed with the tytalus
…trainned as a soldier.
…understood what a Tytalus is

Archmage Kydella sent Nathan to see if Ninrod is a true Tytalus.

Faerie boar => 6xp – Folk ken


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