Nimrod Tytali

Nimrod is a frail and unimposing man, out of place anywhere but a lab or hunched over books. His small nose and mouth are dwarfed by thick eyebrows, but if there is any space between them it would require close inspection to find. He looks untrustworthy.


Reputation: Ass head (hermetic) 6
Confidence: 2(5+4-2=7)
Age: 27 Apparent Age: 27 (1222)
Personality traits:Proud +6, Argumentative +3,Studious +2, Friendly +1, Brave +1
Wizard’s Sigil: Whispering wind
Position: Librarius
Voting Sigil: A stone quill
VIs: 3 pawns of Auram, 3 pawns of Aquam

Int +3 Per +1
Pre 0 Com +5
Str -1 Sta -1
Dex -2 Qui -1
The GiftInfamous [Preposterous, arrogant]
Hermetic Magus Enemies
Self confident (F) Proud
Flexible formulaic magic (Major) Illegitimate Lineage
Puissant magic theory(to reflect his bonisagnus training) Slow Caster
Minor magic focus (rain) (a weather witch started his training, before the bonisagnus noticed his bright mind)
Inventive Genius
Strong Willed
Good Teacher
Great characteristic x2 (Communication)

Technique Score (xp) XP Earned Form Score (xp) XP Earned Form Score (xp) XP Earned
Cr 7 (28) 0 An 0 (0) 0 Ig 0 (0) 0
In 3 (6) 0 Aq 5 (15) 0 Im 0 (0) 0
Mu 5 (15) 0 Au 8 (41) 0 Me 0 (0) 0
Pe 0 (0) 0 Co 0(0) 0 Te 0 (0) 0
Re 7 (32) 0 He 0 (0) 0 Vi 4 (13) 0

Abilitiy Speciality Score Total XP Earned XP
Latin Hermetic vocabulary 5 75
French _________ 5 75
Artes liberales grammar 3 46
Awareness Searching his lab 2 15
Folk Ken Academic Debates 2 15
Concentration reading 1 05
Guile Elaborate lies 2 15
Magic lore Regiones 1 05
Faerie lore Stories 0 01
Magic Theory Auram 5+2 77
Order of Hermes lore history 1 05
Philosophiae Moral Philosophy 1 05
Profession [Scribe] Copying carefully 2 15
Profession [Fisher] River 1 15
Parma magica Vim 1 05
Survival coast 1 05
Teaching 0 02
Spell TeFo Level Casting Score (Te+Fo+Sta) Mastery score Mastery Source Notes
Clouds of rain and thunder CrAu 25 +7+7x2-1 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Circling winds of protection Cr[Re]Au 20 +7+7-1 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Charge of the angry winds CrAu 15 +7+7-1 1 5 Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Whispering wind InAu 15 +3+7-1 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Ward against rain ReAu 10 +7+7x2-1 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Push of the gentle waves ReAq 15 +7+5-1 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.
Lungs of the fish MuAq[Au] 20 +5+57-1 0 - Ars Magica 5th Edition, pg.

XP spending
Y1S1: +2 XP magic theory (exposure)
Y1S2: +17 XP magic theory (study On The Logics Of Magic)
Y1S3: +2 XP magic theory (exposure and pesturing others) / 3 pawns of auram vis as payment
Y2S1: +5 XP Charge of the Angry Winds / +1 xp(adventure)
Y2S2: +8XP (Tribunal) Artes Liberalis (5) + Magic Theory(3)


Son of a fishermen, Antoine was bullied horribly during his early childhood. Weather phenomena answered his mood swings, so the Ex Miscelania magus Wallaous found him.

While he was fairly happy under his first tutor, a passing Bonisagus noted Antoine sharp mind and decided he was too good to be wasted on a hedge wizard, so invoked his right as a Bonisagus and claimed the apprentice. Athanor ex Bonisagnus was more interested in a lab assistant than to fully train a new Bonisagus, of course.

Antoine failed his gauntlet thrice. A bright mind is no help versus a sharp tongue. He rebuked his examiner’s critique on why his answers were inadequate, and in the third time was the clear ‘winner’ of the debate, something that earned him an year locked in the library. His final exam was given by a Quaesitor during a tribunal gathering, and he passed adequately. Antoine declared his ‘improvement’ was thanks to his tutor, Gorgias ex Tytalus, a famous Auram Magi that supposedly passed to final twilight more than four decades ago. His master, Athanor, lost patience and declared he had no interest in forcing the young Antoine into the most prestigious House in the Order. Another member of the covenant, Corax, was informed of the issue, and “assured” the Quaesitor that Gorgias death was certainly an overstatement, and that it was possible for the young boy to have received his teachings in secret. It was a lie, of course, Gorgias was just one of Antoine’s favored authors, but his ploy worked, and he became a Tytalus magus.

Antoine chose the name Nimrod, the fabled king that tried to build the Babel tower, because he sees himself as undergoing an equally herculean task: he will prove how flawed the hermetic theory is. And unlike the foolish king, he will succeed.

Nimrod Tytali

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