Pierre Montrevant

Merchant with a past and a taste for the finer things in life.


Age: 30 Apparent Age: 30
Height: 5’5’’, Weight: 270 lbs, Gender: Male
Personality traits:Avaricious +3, Nosy +3, Slothful +2, Gregarious +2

Int +1 Per +2
Pre +3 Com +3
Str -1 Sta -1
Dex -3 Qui -1
Merchant Arthritis (Repetitive Movement: -3) [Joint Lock Up: -6 after movement or combat botch]
Social Contacts (Smugglers) Busybody
Gossip Clumsy (Dexterity: -3 on related rolls, extra botch die)
Well-Traveled (50/50) Diabolic Past
Entrancement , Greedy (Major)
Ways of the Town (1) Obese (Fatigue: -3) [Movement: -1 on quickness and grace rolls]
Puissant Bargain
Abilitiy (45+150) Speciality Score Total XP Earned XP
Area Lore: French Trade Routes ________ 2 15
Area Lore: Paris ________ 2 1512
Awareness Alertness 3 30
Bargain garments 5+2 75
Brawl dodging 2 15
Carouse staying sober 4 50
Charm Seduction 3 302
Entrancement Ladies 3 30
Etiquette Nobility 3 30
French Fashion 5 75
Infernal Lore _______ 1 05
Folk Ken Townsfolk 2 152
Guile Fast Talk 3 30
Intrigue Gossip 3 30
Profession: Merchant _________ 4 50
Stealth Urban Area 1 01
Swim Staying aflot 1 05
Flemish _________ 3 30
Occitan _________ 1 05
Weapons Init Attack Defense Damage
Dodge +1 +0 +1 +0
Knife -1 +0 +1 +1
Fist -1 -1 +1 -1
Kick -2 -1 +0 +2

Soak: -1
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)

Encumbrance: 0 (0)


Born near Bruges to Adrienne and Cyrille Montravant, minor nobles. Cyrille’s father had bought his title after building a successful trading empire. While Cyrille had some of his father’s skill with business, he often mismanaged his own finances leading to the bring of financial ruin. Cyrille was often not home due to his work and that left his naive wife up to her own devices and at the mercy of those with ill intent.

One of those individuals was a diabolist named Frederique Voclain who wormed his way into her good graces, by promising that he could help the family fortunes and ensure that her husband would have good luck on his trading endeavors. All he really wanted was someone with good connections to manipulate. He served as a household servant, so as to have constant access to the household and to Adrienne. From simple rituals and cajoling Adrienne, it quickly escalated to black arts and influencing Adrienne with drugs. Voclain also fathered Pierre, although Cyrille never noticed that his son did not quite look like him.

When Cyrille returned unexpectedly one night and caught Adrienne and Frederique in the middle of a dark ritual, Frederique killed him, but he was seen by one of Cyrille’s guards and had to flee the estate. Adrienne’s participation in dark rituals was not found out or at least not mentioned by her servants and employees. Frederique continued to have contact with Adrienne and continued his influence on her.

Pierre grew up knowing little of his mother’s past, although he knew she was eccentric and had a haunted past. Pierre was tutored by some of his father’s employees, who were able to continue the business after his death. Pierre was definitely a smooth talker and interested in the business, which was good because he was incredibly clumsy and his penchant for food led him to be quite obese. It was during his teenage years that he discovered that if he looked into someone’s eyes and directed them to do something that he really wanted, that sometimes they would do it, against all odds. This “gift” led him to taking more shortcuts and taking advantage of the opportunities that it presented. Sometimes it brought him trouble, though, when he willed his gift to work and it didn’t. At some point, this brought his gift to the attention of his mother and through her correspondence to Frederique.

Frederique returned to the estate, under a minor disguise to assess the young man. Under the guise of a tutor, he encouraged Pierre’s baser instincts and misuse of his Entrancement gift for his own personal gain. Pierre was not as naive as his mother and realized that Frederique was leading him down the wrong path. He was moral enough to know that there was a line between taking minor advantage of the ladies or a business transaction, influencing others to kill or commit crimes.

During routine business, Pierre made the mistake of trying to Entrance a trade envoy of Florum. This would have likely been successful, if the envoy had not been sick and one of the magi was filling in. Pierre could run away from the old magi, but the grogs quickly caught up with him. The magi shrewdly decided that someone with such a gift would be handy to have around for making rather good deals for the covenant. Not all of his sodales were quite as hospitable and decided that he should accompany Noelle to Paris rather than stay around the covenant entrancing and seducing all of the female grogs, which was causing a lot of friction amongst them.

Pierre Montrevant

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